The International Suzuki Association (ISA) strives to encourage, promote, enlarge, and coordinate the Suzuki Method™ throughout the world.

The International Suzuki Association (ISA) was founded in 1983 as a non-profit organisation in Dallas, Texas in order to serve as a coalition of Suzuki Associations throughout the world. Its primary purpose is to serve as an co-ordination centre and to protect the "Suzuki" name and rights.

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

The ISA was designated by Dr Suzuki as the sole authorised organisation which can grant rights to the use of his name and the marks "Suzuki", "Suzuki Method", and other similar terms throughout the world.

The ISA is an organization of organizations. At present five Regional Associations have been licensed by the International Suzuki Association. The Regional Associations have been given rights to grant sub-licenses to national associations or other organizations within their area. Each Regional Association has the same goals as the International Suzuki Association: to encourage, promote, enlarge and coordinate the Suzuki Method within their area, and to maintain the highest standards of educational instruction.


The ISA is managed by a Board of Directors which includes representatives of the Regional Associations. The ISA's Instrument Committees advise the ISA board on matters relating to educational material and musical repertoire and editions.


The Regional Associations are the members of the International Suzuki Association. Some of them, in turn, have National Suzuki Associations as their members, and these have individual members, who may be teachers, parents of students or interested members of the public. The ISA is the umbrella organization for the five Regional Associations. Please contact your specific Regional Association first concerning membership in a Suzuki association.

To become members of the ISA, teachers or other interested individuals, therefore need to join their own regional Suzuki association, or where appropriate the local or national association in their own area. A proportion of membership dues collected by such local organisations will be paid to the Regional Associations who will pay an annual membership fee on behalf of all their members to the International Suzuki Association. For more information please contact the Regional Associations.

Suzuki Audio Downloads

Suzuki Audio Downloads

The recordings are an essential part of the Suzuki Method®, and it’s important to us that the official professional recordings are available to every student and teacher. As CDs and CD players are becoming a thing of the past, we’ve now made the recordings easily accessible in a digital format.

All official Suzuki recordings are available to purchase and download from Amazon Music, iTunes Store, and Alfred Media. When purchased from any of these platforms, recordings can be played from a computer, phone, smart speaker, or even a smart TV from the respective online library or app.

Updated AMPV List

Be sure that you have the most recent versions of the Suzuki materials by consulting the updated AMPV list.

AMPV numbers are now on the title page of newer or updated Suzuki Method™ books to allow teachers and families to know if they are purchasing the latest edition of a book.

International Suzuki Journal June 2023

ISA Online Journal for June 2023

Use the link below to access all the articles, news and pictures from Suzuki regions around the world. Many thanks to all our contributors for this latest edition.

In this issue:

View the June 2023 ISA Journal

The History and Philosophy of Totalization by Fumiyo Kuramochi

New Video: The History and Philosophy of Totalization by Fumiyo Kuramochi

In March 2022, Fumiyo Kuramochi presented an inspiring Zoom session entitled "The History and Philosophy of Tonalization" to an appreciative international audience. This beautiful video presentation includes newly translated texts and in depth insights into Dr. Suzuki's lifetime research on tone development.

Watch the video here

New to the ISA Video Archive. Now available:
The Suzuki Method Video Guidance Series

Use the following link to access these newly posted videos of Dr. Suzuki speaking about the philosophy of Talent Education and the pedagogy of the Suzuki Method.

The Suzuki Method Video Guidance Series

This series was produced in the mid-1970’s under sponsorship of the Sony Corporation. The videos were made on the recital hall stage of the Talent Education Research Institute, at the National Concert in Tokyo and in venues around Matsumoto used for the TERI Summer School.

Announcing a New Publication from ISA

The Life of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki: A Chronology

The ISA is proud to announce this important new publication chronicling the life of Dr. Suzuki decade by decade through text and pictures, from his early upbringing, his time in Germany, the return to Japan, and the flowering of the Talent Education movement worldwide.

The ISA is indebted to Mikio Shin of TERI, the original author of the Chronology, for his permission to expand and translate this significant new document. And to Lili Selden and Ruth Miura for their work on the English translation.

Currently the Chronology is only available to view online. Any inquiries about print copies should be directed to your particular Regional Association.

View the Chronology

Consensus Statement Concerning Online Teacher-Training from the ISA Board of Directors – Updated March 2021

In-person, individual approaches to training and mentoring teachers are foundational to the Suzuki Method and are an essential component in Suzuki Teacher Development.

ISA recognizes virtual teacher training as a valid delivery method to support in person training.

Technology is a powerful tool but cannot replace the essential elements of human connection and live interaction.