Regional Suzuki Associations

The Regional Suzuki Associations are licensed by the ISA to coordinate and develop the Suzuki Method throughout their areas.

Contact the Regional Suzuki Association in your area to learn about membership, Suzuki teacher education, and other regional activities.

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Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA, formerly ARSO)

Asia (except Japan)
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The International Suzuki Association (ISA), owner by assignment from Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of the name SUZUKI METHOD™ and the name Suzuki® with respect to music education, music educational products and educational programs including SUZUKI METHOD™ Teacher Training wishes to announce that the Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA) is the official and only umbrella organization recognized by the ISA for countries in the Asia region. The ARSA Teacher Training programs are the only Suzuki® Teacher Training programs recognized by the ISA and its global federation of Suzuki® Associations for the countries in Asia.

The ISA does NOT recognize the group calling themselves Asia Suzuki Association (ASA) as having any official affiliation with the ISA and the global network of Suzuki Associations. Moreover, the group calling itself the Asia Suzuki Association (ASA) uses the name Suzuki® and term Suzuki Association without permission and is in legal violation of international standards of Trademark and service mark law. Any programs, activities, competitions, awards, certificates and/or teacher training certification offered or sponsored by the illegally termed Asia Suzuki Association (ASA) are not recognized as valid by the ISA. Furthermore, the so called China Suzuki Association and other associations claiming to be country affiliates of the ASA are not in any way part of the ISA’s global network.

Suzuki Method Official Website in China

Suzuki Method Official Website in China

The ARSA has announced the establishment of the first Suzuki Method official website in China. The Information of Suzuki Method, Dr. Suzuki, ISA, ARSA, and Global Suzuki community can now be provided to the public in China through this official website:
Content of the website: List of trained teachers, certification received, Suzuki teacher training, information for parents/ students, announcements, news and Videos.

European Suzuki Association (ESA)

Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
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Pan-Pacific Suzuki Association (PPSA)

Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands
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Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA)

North, Central and South America
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Talent Education Research Institute (TERI)

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