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The International Suzuki Guitar Committee is an internationally represented body created and approved by Dr. Suzuki in May of 1986 and licensed by the International Suzuki Association.

The committee adheres to the guidelines set forth in the official "Policies for ISA Instrument Committees" adopted by the ISA Board of Directors on September 11, 1999.


The members of the ISA guitar committee met 4 times this year via video conferencing, and in person during the 2019 Teacher Trainer Convention in Madrid, Spain.

During the ongoing revision process, communication to teacher trainers or lead teachers in each region are disseminated via each ISA representative. Teacher trainers gather information from their own experience and the teachers they are in contact with. The committee has made revision decisions based on regional feedback, consensus when possible, and voting when consensus does not occur, according to ISA policy on Instrument Committees.

The ISA Guitar Committee continues work on the revision process of Suzuki Guitar Volume 1 and the Accompaniment Book. All proof editing has been approved by the ISA Guitar committee and is awaiting publication. New photos have been taken and are being processed by the photographer and the art department. The announcement of the performers for the new recording is forthcoming by the publisher. We are excited to begin the recording process soon, which is the final step in releasing the New International Revised Suzuki Guitar Book 1. We are grateful for the contribution and dedication of the regional committees who have contributed their experiences for consideration throughout this process.

Our Mission Statement

To develop a globally recognized approach to the guitar by adhering to the basic tenants and vision of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki so that children, families and teachers everywhere benefit and, in so doing, realize a better world.

Books Available

Suzuki Guitar School Volumes 1-9 are published along with recordings for each book and are widely available in print or digital formats.

Publications and Recordings

All published materials are available at local music stores or by calling Alfred Music at 1-800-6ALFRED or


The members of the International Suzuki Guitar Committee wish to express our deepest appreciation to those who contribute to this very special effort. Your help assures that children everywhere will continue to thrive and benefit as parents and teachers have always dreamed. The ISGC welcomes comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact your regional representative.