Talent Education Journal Archive
(Complete Editions 1979-1989)

Talent Education Journal - 3 set

Beginning in 1979, Eiko and Masayoshi Kataoka, then members of the violin and cello sections respectively in the St. Louis Symphony, began self-publishing an English translation of the Talent Education Journal, published quarterly as the official publication of TERI in Matsumoto, Japan. Both Eiko and Masayoshi had grown up as Suzuki students in Japan before attending university in the US. Rearing two children in St. Louis, and nurturing a close relationship with John Kendall who lived and taught across the Mississippi River in Edwardsville, IL, the Kataokas embarked on this experiment to bring the TERI publication to a wider audience. They continued these publications through 1989. Kyoko Selden was enlisted to do the translations for the English version of articles from the Japanese edition of the TEJ. ISA members will recognize Kyoko’s name as the translator for the revised version of Nurture by Love, translated directly from Dr. Suzuki’s original Japanese text.

The TEJ contains articles by Dr. Suzuki on both pedagogy and philosophy; reports on concerts in Japan and the Japanese Children’s Tour Group; contributions from the Japanese teachers on experiences in their home studio; and usually an article from a parent or family in TERI on home practice. These journals are a treasure trove of information and inspiration. ISA has been granted permission by the Kataokas to post the complete set of the Talent Education Journal on the ISA Publications Archive. Once a month, beginning August 2020, the ISA will post one year’s worth of the TEJ on this website, to complete the entire project by July 2021.

The Kataokas and Kyoko made a lasting contribution to the world-wide Suzuki community with these publications. The ISA, and indeed Suzuki teachers and families around the globe, are indebted to their efforts. Enjoy reading and sharing this fascinating collection.