The History and Philosophy of Tonalization

by Fumiyo Kuramochi of TERI

In March 2022, Fumiyo Kuramochi presented an inspiring Zoom session entitled "The History and Philosophy of Tonalization" to an appreciative international audience. This beautiful video presentation includes newly translated texts and in depth insights into Dr. Suzuki's lifetime research on tone development.

A former student of Dr. Suzuki, Ms. Kuramochi has dedicated countless hours to researching and organizing Dr. Suzuki's numerous writings on his philosophy of tone production. She is the TERI representative to the ISA Violin Committee and the Chair of the TERI Textbook Research Committee. She was a member of the the very first Japanese 10 Children Tour Group in 1964 that brought Suzuki Method to the United States and Canada.

Ms. Kuramochi's original March 2022 Zoom presentation event was organized by SMMC (Suzuki Music Musique Canada) and the SAO (Suzuki Association of Ontario). We are indebted to these Suzuki associations for sharing this valuable resource.