About the ISA

The International Suzuki Association (ISA) was founded in 1983 as a non-profit organisation in Dallas, Texas in order to serve as a coalition of Suzuki Associations throughout the world. Its primary purpose is to serve as an co-ordination centre and to protect the "Suzuki" name and rights.

The ISA was designated by Dr Suzuki as the sole authorised organisation which can grant rights to the use of his name and the marks "Suzuki", "Suzuki Method", and other similar terms throughout the world.

The ISA is an organisation of organisations. At present five Regional Associations have been licensed by the International Suzuki Association. The Regional Associations have been given rights to grant sub-licenses to national associations or other organisations within their area. Each Regional Association has the same goals as the International Suzuki Association: to encourage, promote, enlarge and coordinate the Suzuki Method within their area, and to maintain the highest standards of educational instruction.


The ISA is managed by a Board of Directors which includes representatives of the Regional Associations. The ISA's Instrument Committees advise the ISA board on matters relating to educational material and musical repertoire and editions.


The Regional Associations are the members of the International Suzuki Association. Some of them, in turn, have National Suzuki Associations as their members, and these have individual members, who may be teachers, parents of students or interested members of the public.

To become members of the ISA, teachers or other interested individuals, therefore need to join their own regional Suzuki association, or where appropriate the local or national association in their own area. A proportion of membership dues collected by such local organisations will be paid to the Regional Associations who will pay an annual membership fee on behalf of all their members to the International Suzuki Association. For more information please contact the Regional Associations.


Any person or organisations who wish to further support the work of the International Suzuki Association are also invited to make direct donations to the ISA itself (through its Administrative Office) or to the Shinichi Suzuki Teacher Development Fund.

Shinichi Suzuki Teacher Development Fund

This trust fund is independent of the ISA, and has its own board of trustees, but supports the aims of the International Suzuki Community by funding Teacher Development Projects throughout areas of the world where new programmes are needed and where the local teachers and parents are themselves unable to finance training.

For more information about the fund and to make donations, please contact:

International Suzuki Association (ISA)
PO Box 21065
New York, New York 10023
United States

Phone: 212-262-5005
Chief Executive Officer
Allen Lieb
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