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International Suzuki Journal January 2023

ISA Online Journal for January 2023

Use the link below to access all the articles, news and pictures from Suzuki regions around the world. Many thanks to all our contributors for this latest edition.

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Here is a message from the Convention Coordinator, TERI Cello Teacher-Trainer Akira Nakajima:

Dear Worldwide Suzuki Teacher Trainers,

It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you in Matsumoto with 3rd Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention, 13th to 15th October 2023.

Every time I visit Suzuki Method in each region, I always feel your precious efforts and passion which contributed not only to the worldwide spread of the Suzuki Method, but also to the assimilation into the countries/regions and cultures.

I sincerely hope that holding our convention in Matsumoto, the birthplace of Suzuki Method, will be the best chance to share and feel with each other our development and once again to return to “the Origin of Suzuki.”

I expect many teacher trainers from all the regions will participate in this convention, and TERI teachers are very much looking forward to an exciting time in the interaction with all of you.

— Akira Nakajima, Chairman of the Committee of 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention

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A Message from the Ukrainian National Suzuki Association (UNSA)

UNSA logo

During the past year, the entire global SUZUKI community actively helped Ukrainian children, parents, and teachers. We received money with which we bought musical instruments for students and teachers; helped evacuate people from dangerous places; bought batteries.

We also implemented three projects with the money of donors. These are the "Suzuki Orchestra Workshop" (July 2022, Kyiv), the "Music Will Save the World" project for refugee children in Ukraine and abroad, and the "Spring Suzuki Workshop" (April 2023, Kyiv). We really appreciate this kind of support that really helped us all survive!

I want to share short video about Ukrainian Workshop in Kyiv.

— Nataliia Koptienkova, Chair UNSA

New to the ISA Video Archive. Now available:
The Suzuki Method Video Guidance Series

Use the following link to access these newly posted videos of Dr. Suzuki speaking about the philosophy of Talent Education and the pedagogy of the Suzuki Method.

The Suzuki Method Video Guidance Series

This series was produced in the mid-1970’s under sponsorship of the Sony Corporation. The videos were made on the recital hall stage of the Talent Education Research Institute, at the National Concert in Tokyo and in venues around Matsumoto used for the TERI Summer School.

William Starr interviewing Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Now Online:
The Suzuki/Starr Videos

The ISA is thrilled to announce the posting of this original video series, first recorded beginning in 1968. This series is a comprehensive collection of interviews with Dr. Suzuki explaining his ideas on Talent Education, and demonstrating the teaching points of the Suzuki Violin School, with additional footage of Japanese teachers and students in lessons and concerts during that time period.

Summaries for each of the 12 videos are included:

Suzuki/Starr Videos

The ISA gratefully acknowledges the family of William Starr and the SAA for providing ISA the rights to post this video series on the ISA website.

John Kendall's Ideas for Teaching Violin

Dr. Suzuki and John Kendall in Japan

The International Suzuki Association is pleased to host John Kendall's Ideas for Teaching Violin on our website. Mr. Kendall was the first American string teacher to observe Dr. Suzuki in Japan. These videos were filmed in 1992 at SIUE and remain a treasure trove of pedagogical information even 30 years later.

View the Kendall Videos

Announcing a New Publication from ISA

The Life of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki: A Chronology

The ISA is proud to announce this important new publication chronicling the life of Dr. Suzuki decade by decade through text and pictures, from his early upbringing, his time in Germany, the return to Japan, and the flowering of the Talent Education movement worldwide.

The ISA is indebted to Mikio Shin of TERI, the original author of the Chronology, for his permission to expand and translate this significant new document. And to Lili Selden and Ruth Miura for their work on the English translation.

Currently the Chronology is only available to view online. Any inquiries about print copies should be directed to your particular Regional Association.

View the Chronology

Talent Education Journal

Talent Education Journal Archive

All editions now available 1979-1989

From 1979-1989, Eiko and Masayoshi Kataoka self-published an English translation of the Talent Education Journal, published quarterly as the official publication of TERI in Matsumoto, Japan.

The TEJ contains articles by Dr. Suzuki, reports on concerts in Japan, contributions from the Japanese teachers, and usually an article from a parent or family in TERI. These journals are a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

View the TEJ Archive

Online Video Recordings of Dr. Suzuki at the 1976 American Suzuki Institute

The ISA is pleased to offer this link to the extensive Suzuki video archive at the University of Wisconsin/Stevens Point. These videos document Dr. Suzuki's visit to the American Suzuki Institute in 1976 in lessons, group classes and teachers’ sessions. The videos are a treasure-trove of inspiration from the founder of the Talent Education movement, and showcase Dr Suzuki’s teaching principles in action. We are indebted to the University for maintaining this archive and making it available to the public. We also thank the Aber Suzuki Center at UWSP for their stewardship of this priceless collection of Dr. Suzuki’s teaching, and to Patricia D'Ercole for her assistance in bringing this collection to the world-wide Suzuki community.

Use this link to access all videos:

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