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International Suzuki Journal January 2024

New ISA Online Journal for January 2024

Use the link below to access all the articles, news and pictures from Suzuki regions around the world. Many thanks to all our contributors for this latest edition.

In this issue:

  • Welcome Carolyn Cheng to the ISA Board of Directors
  • Philippine Suzuki Association Hosts National Camp
  • Thailand Association of Talent Education Strings Camp
  • Taiwan Talent Education Association Graduate Concerts
  • Latvian Suzuki Association celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • A Viola Blooms in Mexico
  • Installation of Nameplate at the Birthplace of the Suzuki Method

Special Section: Reports from the Third International Teacher Trainer’s Convention

  • One Size Does Not Fit All by Anke van der Bijl
  • A Canadian in Matsumoto by Kathleen Schoen
  • Suzuki as Adjective by Nancy Modell
  • Where Love is Deep by Jan Matthiesen
  • My thoughts on the 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention by Erica Booker
  • A Report from the Third International Suzuki Trainers Conference by Beth Titterington
  • International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention by Christoph Bossuat
  • Report on Exchange Group Lesson and Concert by Eri Nakata and Yoko Ishikawa
  • Special Tour to Celebrate Dr. Suzuki’s 125th Birthday by Kayono Nagata

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ISA Journal Recent Issues

Talent Education Journal Archive

English translations of the Talent Education Journal, complete Editions 1979-1989. The TEJ contains articles by Dr. Suzuki on both pedagogy and philosophy; reports on concerts in Japan and the Japanese Children’s Tour Group; contributions from the Japanese teachers on experiences in their home studio; and usually an article from a parent or family in TERI on home practice.

Suzuki Chronology

A Life of Dr. Shinich Suzuki: A Chronology

My Time with Suzuki Sensei

with Mihoko Hirata

In this special parent lecture, Hirata Sensei describes some of her time learning from Dr. Suzuki.

Hirata: Memories of Dr. Suzuki

John Kendall’s Ideas for Teaching Violin

These videos by John Kendall were filmed in 1992 in the upstairs attic of the old String House at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville… We all recognize that violin teaching ideas reach back through history to Arcangelo Corelli, or even before… The medium of video, however, may provide a way of encapsulating, preserving and clarifying certain actions and the unfolding of process.

The History and Philosophy of Tonalization

by Fumiyo Kuramochi of TERI

In March 2022, Fumiyo Kuramochi presented an inspiring Zoom session entitled "The History and Philosophy of Tonalization" to an appreciative international audience. This beautiful video presentation includes newly translated texts and in depth insights into Dr. Suzuki's lifetime research on tone development.

Kuramochi: History of Tonalization

Memories of Matsumoto from Suzuki Graduates and Pioneers

The ISA commissioned TERI Violin Graduate and SAA Teacher-Trainer Amanda Schubert the daunting task of collecting and creating a permanent archive of written memories and photos from Suzuki teachers around the world who were fortunate to attend and graduate from the then-named Talent Education Institute (now known as TERI) in Matsumoto, under the tutelage of Dr. Suzuki and the other trainers at the school in cello, flute and piano.

Truly we are indebted to Amanda for this comprehensive archive of prose and photos that will be updated as we continue to receive additional material from contributors. If you are one of those (!), please contact the ISA office for information concerning submissions. The goal is to collect as many memories as possible to share with our Suzuki family around the globe.

Enjoy browsing through this vast treasure of memories of lessons and experiences in Japan.

Memories of Matsumoto

The Suzuki Method Video Guidance Series

This series was produced in the mid-1970’s under sponsorship of the Sony Corporation. The videos were made on the recital hall stage of the Talent Education Research Institute, at the National Concert in Tokyo and in venues around Matsumoto used for the TERI Summer School.

Suzuki Method Video Guidance Series

Suzuki/Starr Videos

These videotapes are the result of Bill Starr's extensive personal interviews with Dr. Suzuki on the philosophy of Talent Education, working with parents, and the teaching points of the Suzuki Method Violin School Volumes 1-4. Additionally these videos contain a wealth of student lessons with the Japanese teachers and concert footage recorded during those 18 months.

Video Recordings of Dr. Suzuki at the 1976 American Suzuki Institute

The ISA is pleased to offer this link to the extensive Suzuki video archive at the University of Wisconsin/Stevens Point. These videos document Dr. Suzuki's visit to the American Suzuki Institute in 1976 in lessons, group classes and teachers’ sessions. The videos are a treasure-trove of inspiration from the founder of the Talent Education movement, and showcase Dr Suzuki’s teaching principles in action. We are indebted to the University for maintaining this archive and making it available to the public. We also thank the Aber Suzuki Center at UWSP for their stewardship of this priceless collection of Dr. Suzuki’s teaching, and to Patricia D'Ercole for her assistance in bringing this collection to the world-wide Suzuki community.

UWSP Video Archive