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International Suzuki Journal January 2023

The new ISA Online Journal for January 2023

Use the link below to access all the articles, news and pictures from Suzuki regions around the world. Many thanks to all our contributors for this latest edition.

In this issue:

  • Third Teacher Trainer Convention in Matsumoto
  • Eri Hotta’s book featured in the Wall Street Journal
  • ISA Welcomes Newest Board Member Kay Collier Mclaughlin
  • Ukraine Update
  • Photos from ARSA Online and In-person Events
  • The 11th European Suzuki Children's Convention
  • European Suzuki Parent Festival
  • In Memoriam: Gabriella Bosio
  • Third Mexican Meeting of the Suzuki Method
  • Philadelphia PlayIN at the Saratoga Arts Center
  • TERI Receives 2022 Regional Cultural Merit Award

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Talent Education Journal Archive

English translations of the Talent Education Journal, complete Editions 1979-1989. The TEJ contains articles by Dr. Suzuki on both pedagogy and philosophy; reports on concerts in Japan and the Japanese Children’s Tour Group; contributions from the Japanese teachers on experiences in their home studio; and usually an article from a parent or family in TERI on home practice.

Suzuki Chronology

A Life of Dr. Shinich Suzuki: A Chronology

John Kendall’s Ideas for Teaching Violin

These videos by John Kendall were filmed in 1992 in the upstairs attic of the old String House at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville… We all recognize that violin teaching ideas reach back through history to Arcangelo Corelli, or even before… The medium of video, however, may provide a way of encapsulating, preserving and clarifying certain actions and the unfolding of process.

Suzuki/Starr Videos

These videotapes are the result of Bill Starr's extensive personal interviews with Dr. Suzuki on the philosophy of Talent Education, working with parents, and the teaching points of the Suzuki Method Violin School Volumes 1-4. Additionally these videos contain a wealth of student lessons with the Japanese teachers and concert footage recorded during those 18 months.