Ruth Miura

Ruth Miura

Ruth Miura graduated in Music from the University of Southern California with a major in piano accompaniment. She graduated from the Talent Education Institute in Matsumoto after over 2 years of study with Dr. Haruko Kataoka, returning several times for further study, and later took lessons for a period of ten years with Monique Deschaussées, (FR) who was a former student of Alfred Cortot and Edwin Fischer.

She translated for Dr. Suzuki and Mrs. Kataoka for over ten years at most of the ESA children’s and teachers’ Suzuki conferences, as well as for Professor Koji Toyoda at the 70th Anniversary celebration of Suzuki events in Barcelona in 2016, and was moderator for the Symposium II during the 16th World Suzuki Convention in Matsumoto, Japan in 2013.

Ruth has taught in Suzuki workshops and conferences for all the ISA regions and currently directs teacher training courses in Spain, Germany, and Lithuania. She lives in Barcelona and teaches at the Colegio Montserrat as part of their Suzuki program.

Over the past two years, she has also dedicated her time to editing two major projects for TERI Japan — the 50th Anniversary commemorative edition for Suzuki Flute, and the Manga Story of Dr. Suzuki in English — and hopes that they will promote further understanding and harmony in our global Suzuki world.

Other places lived in since Japan: California, London (UK), Finland, Strasbourg (FR), Brussels (BE), currently Barcelona (ES)

Instrument studied while in Japan: Piano

Dates in Japan: Continuous stay from 1978-1980, + 3 additional study trips 1984, 1985, 1986 of 3 months, 2 and then one month each.

Years and locations where attended workshops with Dr. Suzuki or Dr. Kataoka: The exact dates are on the ISA website, Chronology of Dr. Suzuki.

All ESA Teachers and children’s conferences except Elsinore, Denmark (1980) as interpreter for Dr. Suzuki:

Interpreter/accompanist in the UK for Mr. Hachiro Hirose (violin) and interpreter for Mrs. Yuko Hirose (piano), 1980s

Interpreter for Dr. Haruko Kataoka (UK visits): Stowe (1988)

International Conventions:

Attendance at:


Experiences as a piano kenkyusei in Matsumoto, published in Dr. Kataoka's book Sense and Sensibility.

Photos (Matsumoto, Berlin, and Scotland)

Graduation recital, Matsumoto

As a kenkyusei during weekly teaching practice with Dr. Kataoka’s student, Mika chan

Graduation photo with Dr. Suzuki (Matsumoto)

Translating for Dr. Suzuki, 8th International Suzuki Convention, Berlin 1987

St. Andrews, Scotland 1990 (opening ceremony)
The 9th European Suzuki conference was Dr. Suzuki’s last visit to Europe.