Lois Shepheard

Lois Shepheard has continued along the Suzuki pathway. She has taught at Summer Schools in Wisconsin, Texas, and California. She taught on the faculty at Western Illinois University before returning to Melbourne, where she is still teaching children and training teachers. In 2012, she wrote and had published: ‘Memories of Dr Shinichi Suzuki, Son of His Environment’. This book has been translated into Japanese and is being issued in serial, on-line, in Japan. She is currently serving on the ISA Viola committee.

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Other Places you have lived since Japan: Lived in the USA 1989 – 1991, Director of the Suzuki Program at Western Illinois University

Instrument studied in Japan: Violin

Dates in Japan: Study with Dr Suzuki 1980 – 1981. Other short visits, but including a few lessons: 1974, 1976, 1979.

Years and locations of workshops with Dr. Suzuki that were outside of Japan: 1967 New York, 1977 Hawaii, 1980 Melbourne, 1987 Berlin, 1989 Melbourne. From 1978, I taught at summer schools in the USA. Dr Suzuki was often there. These were in Wisconsin, Texas, California.


I went to Japan because I was fascinated to hear what Dr. Suzuki would say on the subject of ‘every child can be educated.’ I had already taught several children who had been classified as autistic – and had succeeded in getting them to play and to understand that they could be proud of themselves.

I found Dr Suzuki’s attitude to be interesting when teaching the group classes for kenkyusei. He was so quick-witted and had such a sense of humour—a good demonstration for trainees.

Takahashi-Sensei’s interpretation classes were a good drill. Kenkyusei sang while Takahashi ‘conducted’/waved his hands around. He portrayed the interpretation quite clearly.

I will never forget how Dr. Suzuki came to me at the end of my recital, in which I’d played some contemporary Japanese music, and said he was ashamed he didn’t know contemporary Japanese music! Dr. Suzuki was ashamed…. I hope other kenkyusei may have had a similar experience. Certainly, Suzuki Method teachers should never be smug! We never know it all!

Photo in Japan

Lois with Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki in 1977