Suzuki/Starr Videos - Reel 3

Begins with two private lesson excerpts taught by Mr. Denda with a three year old child. These lessons covered aspects of bowing, including bow hold, arm and finger placement, rhythm, and string level placement. The second lesson shows the same child, four months later, at just 4 years old with the left hand and holding the violin. Private lessons are taught by Miss Mori and Mr. Yamamura topics include bow exercises, left hand fingers, and Twinkle Variation A.

Dr. Suzuki gives a lesson on Bach Minuet 1. Dr. Suzuki demonstrates Twinkle Variation E, pizzicato tone-matching and other checks for intonation and Tonalization, Twinkle Theme, Lightly Row, Song of the Wind, and Go Tell Aunt Rhody. Dr. Suzuki also speaks about the importance of listening to the recordings.


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