Suzuki/Starr Videos - Reel 6

Begins with Brahms Waltz and Dr. Suzuki discussing clarity of the legato stroke in this piece, showing the changes in left hand positioning between G Major and G Minor Tonalization, performing Bourrée and demonstrating the bow division. He shows the bow techniques in The Two Grenadiers, Witches Dance, and Gavotte from Mignon. For Beethoven Minuet, Dr. Suzuki shows a way to practice the consecutive dotted figures under a slur with stop-bow slurs, and in Boccherini Minuet, the trill figures, how the bow needs to be prepared in advance when coming in off the beat. Dr. Suzuki explains that when played in tune and with a good sound, certain notes on the violin make the open strings ring.

There is video of a large staged performance of Boccherini Minuet from the Suzuki annual concert in 1969. A clip is shown of a televised recording from a performance of Brahms Waltz by a Tennessee school in Venezuela. He gives us more Tonalization practice, now starting on the G string, and emphasizes that the bow must be pulled through the strings, not pushed onto them. Dr. Suzuki performs Martini Gavotte, clearly defining the beginning and end of each phrase and showing the different characters and bowing styles in the piece.


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