Suzuki/Starr Videos - Reel 5

Dr. Suzuki demonstrates string crossings from A to E string, the introduction of the practice in Perpetual Motion and application in the Bach Minuets. Dr. Suzuki explains the new bowing pattern of two staccato up-bows in succession in Minuet 1, how to prepare for the string crossings at the beginning of Minuet 2, the importance of teaching correct intonation in G Major as it resonates well with the violin and demonstrates the bow strokes for both Happy Farmer and Gavotte.

In Book 2, Dr. Suzuki demonstrates the Tonalization exercise in G Major and Chorus from Judas Maccabeus. He tells us that the most important concepts for the beginning of Book 2 are a full sound and clear intonation, which help to develop enhanced musical sensitivity. Dr. Suzuki plays through Musette, Hunters Chorus, and how to practice the faster up bow staccato in the Long Long Ago Variations.

A teacher goes over Allegro with a student, using whole bows for each note. They work on a G Major scale in the Twinkle rhythms, and then she hears another student go through Etude. We then see a performance of one of Miss Mori’s students playing through Minuet 2. We see one of her students perform Etude and another perform Minuet 2. Next there is a group class from a school in Tennessee doing bowing exercises together, and then playing Tonalization and Chorus from Judas Maccabeus.


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