Suzuki/Starr Videos - Reel 4

Contains private lessons with Miss Mori on violin-hold, bowing exercises, Twinkle Variation A rhythm on open E and A strings, left hand work, Book 1 pieces Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Perpetual Motion and Andantino, and G Major finger patterns. A private lesson by Mr. Denda with a five year old child repeating earlier pieces, now with longer bows.

Then, a group performance of Allegro, followed by Perpetual Motion played in a group concert at the summer school in Matsumoto. Dr. Suzuki demonstrates O Come, Little Children and important Tonalization work. Dr. Suzuki tells how he came to write Allegro and demonstrates the teaching points. Dr. Suzuki demonstrates Perpetual Motion, the first use of the fourth finger, D Major Scale, Allegretto, Andantino, Tonalization Exercise in G Major and G Major Scale, and Etude. Dr. Suzuki lists “The Five Questions” that teachers and parents must ask every day.


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